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A Research Paper Can Not Be Written in One Week

Procrastination can be very tempting when there are other, distracting activities in life. Writing a research paper can often be tempting to put off and thought to be something that can be done in a few days or even a few hours. This, however, is hardly the case and writing a paper last minute is never recommended. In order to write a paper that is clear, polished and professional, many factors must come into play and if a paper is going to be successful you must give considerable time to these factors.

Give yourself time to write an outline

If you want to organize your thoughts and have a well written essay, you need an outline. Outlines help you format and organize your thoughts in your essay and sort the information you want to include into appropriate sections. This in itself takes time, but makes your essay clearer. This also makes writing the paper itself easier as you have a guide to follow.

Give yourself time to research properly

Even with the internet research, if done properly, takes time. You need to allow yourself to sort through research for what is appropriate and necessary for your paper. If you are doing online research, you need to decide what is credible or not. Research means reading through material and doing that efficiently means you need time. You also need to allow time to look through books in a library or research facility and time to obtain needed books if they need to be ordered.

Don't let your first draft be your only draft

Always give yourself time to edit and re write. Hardly ever should your first draft be your final one. There should always be room for letting others read and edit and for self editing and re reading and re writing. This needs time and patience. In order to have the most polished essay possible, multiple re writes might be needed.

All weeks are different

You should always give yourself time for bad weeks and emergencies. If you only give yourself one week, and that one week turns into unexpected plans or an emergency, you would not give yourself time to complete your assignment. If you start early and allow for more time, you can allow yourself unexpected plans and not worry as much about getting your work done. If you give yourself enough time and put in the effort, it may take more than a week, but you will be successful.

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