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Mistakes to avoid when writing a Descriptive Essay 

Don’t make the same mistakes that so many students do when they’re writing a descriptive essay. These mistakes are so common yet so easy to avoid if only you take the right amount of time to properly write your paper.

The Reason for Mistakes

The mistakes are not only common because of carelessness and the desire to rush. They are also costly because it can lower your grade substantially or even cause an otherwise amazing paper to turn south. Here are a few of the common descriptive essay writing mistakes that you want to take special note of so you can avoid making them yourself. Keep these in mind when writing your essay and you will avoid mistakes for the creation of an amazing paper.

Where’s the Draft?

One common mistake students make is failing to write a rough draft. The last thing that you want to try to do is sit down and write a paper without it. Your paper will not flow as it should, details and facts may be left out and it will certainly take longer to write the paper. To solve this problem make sure that a rough draft is your first paper copy.

How much Research have you Conducted?

Make sure that you also do the proper amount of research on the topic. It is possible that you know a great deal about the topic, but there is always more to learn and additional facts to gather that ensure a thorough paper has been written. Without research you can very well turn what could be an amazing paper in the wrong direction.

Let’s get Descriptive

Going right along with the mistake above is not being descriptive enough in the writing. Readers want your paper to be the one and only source they need for the information on their particular subject, thus it takes in depth information of great description to make your paper a success. Make sure that you re-read your essay when it is to complete, looking to find anything that you’ve left out.

Proofreading is a must

Finally, proofread before the essay is submitted to the teacher. You would be surprised at how many students earn bad scores on their essay paper not because it was poorly written but simply because they did not take the couple of extra minutes needed to proofread their document. Many free services allow you to proofread assistance for free. Take advantage of that offer!

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