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Learn how to write a college opinion essay

If you are not an expert, then your opinion is pointless without proper evidence. When you are writing a college opinion essay, you have to keep this idea in the back of your mind at all times. You are not considered an expert until you have a degree and significant experience in your field of study. The idea that you are not an expert might sound offensive, but this is exactly what your instructor will be thinking as he or she reads your essay.

Craft an Outstanding Introduction

Your opinion essay will need to have all of the elements of a quality essay, but with outstanding evidence. It will need to have a strong introduction, high quality body paragraphs, and a powerful conclusion. Your introduction will need to have a hook that captures the reader’s attention and a position statement that clearly states your supportable opinion. When you write your position, never write “in my opinion” or “in my essay, I will” because your essay will immediately look like it was written by a young, inexperienced writer. In between your hook and position statement, be sure to write enough background information or other connections so your readers can see how these two parts of the introduction are related.

Body Paragraphs Require Flawless Evidence

The introduction is important, but the body paragraphs are more important in an opinion essay. Your instructor wants to see that you can use content to develop and support an opinion. Each body paragraph needs to have a clear topic sentence that relates to the position statement you developed in the introduction. Then, you should have several sentences that follow that topic sentence and support it well. These sentences should include evidence that helped you develop that opinion. Then, each piece of evidence should be followed by an explanation that tells the reader why that evidence defends your opinion. By the time your paragraph is completed, it should have at least nine sentences, if not more. You will need to repeat this pattern each time you write a body paragraph.

Opposing Ideas and a Powerful Conclusion

Your opinion essay should also show why the opposite opinion is wrong. You should be sure to follow the same patterns with evidence sentences and explanation sentences. But, the explanations should show why the evidence is incorrect. Once you have proven the opposing side wrong, then you will need a conclusion that restates your opinion and the main points that you want your reader to remember the most.

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