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Unfair Laws

All around the world there are areas that have unfair laws, but what exactly makes a law unfair? This can be a funny yet complex argument to consider since many laws that are in effect are voted by a panel or group of people that agree to its purpose. Some laws seem easier to get in place than they are to abolish or get rid of. In this case the citizens or people that live in the area that has the law have nothing else to do but to abide it.

A law that is considered unfair can have certain elements a fair law has, but another problem may be within how a person suffers the consequences of breaking it. Some unfair laws may seem unjustified but have a considerable punishment in which a person is sure not to break it again or it may aim for people to try not to break it in the beginning. Such laws are known to be silly and humorous, with few wondering if they are real or just a joke.

An unfair law may have stipulations in which the person who violated it may have a difficult time in trying to claim their innocence. Some unfair laws may be broken with many not realizing they actually broke a law. Such laws are likely in areas you may be new to or are visiting for a brief time. There are times it may take in understanding how the law was put into place in the first place. What people were behind the law being made legal and has there been act since then in changing it?

Unfair laws may not have been intentionally created to treat citizens in a bias manner, but some have come off that way with little being done about it. There is likely a reason behind the law that you may not agree with, and that may make the law come off as unfair in the first place. Some laws may have where a female can get away with something a male would get in trouble for. Others it may be age that can give a person a reason to get away with it or get in trouble. Citizens may play a role in the development of unfair laws when they know little about politicians they elect to represent their town, city, or state.

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