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Online Essay and Research Paper Writing Services: Are They Worth Using?

If you’re a student then you are more than likely to have come upon dozens of advertisements for essay and research paper writing services online. They guarantee high-quality, plagiarism-free work that will be delivered on time for a small free. Without knowing for sure if these sites are legal and whether you are putting your academic career at risk, you’ve also probably wondered if they are worth using to begin with.

Here are some things you should know about essay and research writing services:

  • Guarantees aren’t always what they seem: Writing services will often guarantee that your purchased paper comes from a writing professional with a Ph.D. in your field. But what guarantee do you really have? You won’t have a chance to interview your writer at any point and might not have enough time to ask for a paper revision if your deadline is in a few days. You should also be in doubt that a professional in your field would want to offer writing services in this way.
  • Your 100% plagiarism-free paper may come from a database: Writing services guarantee that their work is 100% plagiarism-free, but they also indicate that their papers should only be used as examples of quality writing and not be submitted to any institution. It may seem as if they are maintaining academic integrity but they are more likely protecting themselves from the fact that they collect thousands of previously published essays from a number of sources, and a simple plagiarism check by a university would prove that your purchased paper is far from original.
  • Some of the sites are fraudulent: With any service you find online there is always a level of risk you take regarding its legitimacy. Some sites will post a number of “safe site” or “verified site” badges to suggest to you that they are legitimate, but investigating these certificate numbers and checking with the issuing companies you may find that the writing service site has not been certified at all. You shouldn’t hand over a payment or any payment information until you have done your due diligence and verified the service.

These three reasons alone should have you wary about online writing services. There are some that might be legitimate and completely deliver on the promises they make. And if you only use their written essays or research papers as writing examples and don’t attempt to pass them off as your own, then hiring a writing service can be quite helpful. But with so many uncertainties it seems that writing services may cause more headaches than you want.

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