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Tobacco Usage

Many people consume tobacco as a drug. The product is usually obtained from dried leaves of Nicotiana tabacum. The products of the plant have others uses such as pesticides and other medicines. The dried leaves from the plant are used to manufacture different products such as cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, and shisha, among others. These products are usually addictive and are widely consumed through snuffing, chewing, dipping or smoking. As a drug, tobacco is widely abused by different people across the world. Statistics indicate that over one billion people use tobacco across the world. In 2012, the World Health Organization (WHO) indicated that tobacco was the leading cause of preventable deaths across the globe. The organization also reported that tobacco was causing around 5.4 million deaths annually.

Tobacco usage continues to remain a major challenge in different societies. In the developed countries, tobacco is the leading cause of preventable deaths. This has been claiming many people who could be productive and promote economic development and growth. Although majority of tobacco users are mainly the adults there is an increasing number of children and adolescents who have been consuming different forms of tobacco including cigarettes. This explains why this product has remained a major challenge in different societies today.

In sports, tobacco usage has remained a widely publicized issue. Athletes and other sportsmen have widely been involved in different campaigns aimed at addressing the problem of drug abuse and consumption of tobacco. Most of these programs are considered relevant because they help tackle the problem of tobacco usage among the young people. As Hughes (2013) indicates, most of those people using tobacco as a drug end up becoming ill, disabled, and eventually result in death. As well, individuals exposed to secondhand smoke experience different complications arising from tobacco usage.

According to Hughes (2013), scientific knowledge has led to our understanding that tobacco use is capable of causing different diseases such as heart disease, cancer, bronchitis, and airway obstruction. Pregnant women using tobacco can have premature births, stillbirths, and even cause infant death. From this discussion, it is clear that tobacco usage is a major problem affecting the world today. With more people dying every day from the product, there is need to have different programs to prevent tobacco use. This will help children and young people understand the dangers of tobacco and other drugs. This will be the best solution towards addressing the problems arising from tobacco usage.

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