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How To Create A Basic Essay Outline

Essay writing can be quite simple and enjoyable. The easiest essays can be completed in no time at all once your research is already laid out for you and the time constraints are not excessively tight. As with most things, a little bit of planning can go a long way to improving the quality of your product. There is nothing to be gained from assuming your essay will be perfect just because it was written by you. Here is a description of the parts of a basic essay outline that you can use to structure your own and create a well written piece of writing.

  1. Introduction
  2. An introduction comes at the beginning of your essay and centers around a thesis statement. This thesis statement is the central theme of your essay and should be well thought out before any other writing begins. Once your thesis statement has been constructed, you can build a skeleton of your introduction around it. Because this is just an outline you do not have to use full sentences yet but you can write down the main points that you intend to include as bullet points until you are sure of all of your needs in the introduction and where you will place everything in relation to each other.

  3. The Body
  4. If the thesis statement is the point the body of your essay is the detailed explanation of very reason that you can come up with for the central point of your essay. You will have to remove some reasons as time goes on and you realize some are less suited to your purposes than others but in the outline stage you can list them all as bullets points much like you did for the introduction and begin to reduce your list in size after your essay outline is complete.

  5. The Conclusion
  6. A well written conclusion wraps up your essay without restating your points. As the name implies, a conclusion can be an opportunity to describe what you ‘concluded’ or what came to you at the end of your essay as a result of all the points that were explored. It does not need to be long or complicated.

Once you have created a good outline, a good essay is easy to construct and in no time at all you will find yourself ready to submit it for grading.

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