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Rap Culture in Today’s Generation

The culture of rap music has grown considerably over the past few years. People from different race backgrounds listen to and create rap music, but along the way its transformation has taken a turn for the worse. Today’s generation of rap is filled with vulgar explicit content that can be difficult to understand or even be offensive to women and other ethnic cultures. The music industry seems to make more money with it now than it did when it was first introduced to the masses during the 1980s. As a form of creative expression how has this music found its way of being both vulgar and trendy at the same time?

A few of the most popular rap artists are young individuals either in their teens to early twenties. Rap artists have been known to glorify concepts many parents work hard to keep their children away from such as drugs, sex, gangs and guns. Even aspiring rap artists can relate but many are drawn to the income potential when it comes to making albums, going on tour, and endorsement deals. A few rap artists are known for not finishing grade school; making them more appealing to younger age groups.

Not to say that all rap music is wrong or offensive. There are rappers that have made the concept entertaining in a way others of all ages can relate to. Yet, this concept tends to die off faster or have a tendency to catch on slower. This is where rap music with lyrics that are loud, inappropriate, and even racist tend be more pleasing to the ears of today’s generation. The youth/young adults of today’s generation are into trendy concepts or things that catch on easy with a huge following. Something that is considered cool but to others you get lost quickly within the context.

There are more rap artists on the scene today than there was back in the 1980s. It seems as time goes on, rap takes another persona or concept that people can relate to. Unfortunately, more of it glamorizes violence, mistreating women, and living the life of a “baller” with plenty of riches you probably do not need to get by. There are songs that claim to become the soundtrack of a person’s life. In which a person can relate to it because they have lived it or they would rather live it because they do not like how they are living now.

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