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Creating Great Topics for a Research Paper in Psychology

If you are a college student majoring in psychology you might find yourself struggling to find a great topic for your research paper. Psychology is a vast field with many sub-sections that allows for thousands of interesting research topics. The following is a list of a few great ideas that you could use for your own work or as inspiration for developing your own:

  • Causes of the Symptoms of Stress and Depression: Studies have shown that stress and depression are linked and one usually can lead to the other. But their common symptoms also suggest that there may be causes that could be avoided or treated before the onset of any one of these.
  • Violence in Dating Among Teenagers: The number of reported violence in dating within this age group has dropped significantly in the last half century, but they are still higher than one would like. What is it about the psychology of this age group that we see violence persist in.
  • Memory and Gender Differences: Does gender behaviors or biological differences affect the way men and women form or retain memory? Why are certain memory improvement tricks more effective in one gender than the other?
  • Birth Order and Affects in Achievements: Does birth order affect success or failure in today’s world? In early societies, those born first had a greater opportunity to succeed because they could take advantage of greater resources left to them by their elders. Is this still true in some ways?
  • Teenage Suicide and Ways to Combat It: The numbers of teens of have committed suicide or attempted suicide has remained constant over the last few decades. What can we learn about the psychology of a teenager who has thoughts of suicide and how can we improve our efforts to combat it?
  • Different Torture Methods and Effects on Mental Health: Torture has been in existence for thousands of years for different reasons and in different forms. We know the effects are great but we still have a vague understanding of what this does to someone’s mental health.
  • Sports Psychology and Promoting Mental Health: Does safe and healthy competition in sports help promote mental health? How could sports psychology help people in their regular lives – say in school or at work?
  • Psychological Profiles of Sex Workers: The oldest profession is prevalent in every corner of the world and the myth is that it takes a certain type of person to become a sex worker. How truths and untruths exist in this assertion and what would a psychological profile look like if created?

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