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How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper: Phrases You Shouldn't Use

Your conclusion is a major part of your research paper. Most students will get right to the end and then decide to just throw something together to get it done. They work so hard on the research paper and then at the last minute they just throw some sentences together and hand it in. This is a huge mistake.

Your conclusion is the last impression that your audience will have of you. They may feel confident about your paper until they read the last paragraph that you threw together and change their entire perception. It is like watching a really good movie and then it has a really bad ending and the movie is ruined. Keep that in mind when you are writing your conclusion

There are also some phrases that you will want to avoid when writing your conclusion.

  1. In conclusion

    Although you should use a transition, this one is not the one you want to use. It is a childish transition that will make your paper look childish and weak. The audience knows that the purpose of the conclusion is to conclude or close the paper, so you don’t have to be that obvious.

  2. Popular idioms

    These are those catchy phrases that people use to explain certain events. For example, it was raining cats and dogs. In order to avoid using these popular idioms explain the meaning. Your paper is meant to be academic and professional. These popular phrases have no place in these types of papers. They are used for another purpose. Instead of saying it is raining cats and dogs, you would say something like it is raining very heavily.

  3. Things or stuff

    These general words are not good to use in academic papers. They do not describe or explain anything. They are words that can be interpreted differently by many readers. When you are writing a paper, you want all of your readers to come up with the same conclusion which is the conclusion that you are trying to make through the writing of the paper.

These are a few of the words that you want to avoid when you are writing a research paper. There is just no room in this kind of writing for those words or phrases. You want to make sure that you are fully explaining the concepts that you are discussing.

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