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How To Do My Research Paper - 3 Valuable Tips

What is a research paper? A research paper is characterized by the following distinctions:

  • A research paper reflects a search that was done which presents information in support of an opinion about a certain topic or question.
  • Has a definite topic.
  • Uses a research strategy.
  • Has a main point of view on the topic, which isn’t too broad or too narrow.
  • Evaluates the sources for authority, timeliness, relevance, etc.
  • Clear statement of point of view – author’s objective is obvious.
  • Proper documentation. Author cites sources according to accepted formats.

Now that you know the essential elements of a research paper, it’s time to give 3 valuable tips to get you started on writing your research paper.

3 Valuable Tips To Writing A Research Paper

Tip #1 - Carefully choose the topic and research question.

Because the entire research paper revolves around your point of view, it should be something that you are more than merely interested in. Choose something that you are passionate about, something that you are eager and hungry to learn more about. The passion will show through and make it easier for you to find the words to support your point of view.

Tip #2 - Plan an effective research strategy.

This is where a lot of the time and effort is involved – the research. There will be so much reading and sorting to do. There will be a lot of note-taking too. Planning an effective strategy to accomplish this step is of paramount importance. Ask a teacher or librarian for some ideas on best ways to accomplish the research. They can be a valuable source of help and information.

Tip #3 - Do a thorough editing.

After all the research and writing is done, don’t skimp on the editing. A good editing not only catches all the spelling and grammar errors, it also catches holes in the logic and other structural anomalies. A good editing by someone who really knows how to edit is possibly the most important tip of all.

Writing a research paper isn’t as difficult as you may have thought in the beginning. When you break the research paper down into smaller pieces and look at how the constituents fit together, it helps you understand how to construct the entire essay. It makes the whole writing process simpler and smoother. Plan out on paper how you will accomplish each step and before you realize it your research paper will be finished.

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