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Leadership research papers – creating a stunning conclusion

Creating a stunning conclusion is not strictly for leadership papers, but should be a part of any and all research papers. You don’t want your instructor to have to read all the way to the end just to think “that’s it?” If your paper is thoughtful and engaging then the ending should be too. There are many ways to do this but we will stick with just one for the day.

Create a scenario

One way to draw a reader in and make them want to keep reading a paper on leadership or anything else is to create a scenario that they might be able to relate to. That scenario should ideally tie in to your topic.

Keep it Moving

As you go through your paper on leadership or whatever else you should keep the scenario moving along with the points that you are making. Don’t just start with a scenario and abandon it two paragraphs later only to pick it up again at the end, keep it moving with each point that you make. Use it to illustrate that point to make it easier for the reader to digest.

Build it up

In order for there to be a stunning conclusion to a leadership paper or anything else there must be a buildup. As you are moving your scenario through your points you should be making an effort to build towards your conclusion the whole time. Some people may find it easier to write the conclusion first and then go back and write how they reached that conclusion. If that works for you then great! The point is that you get it done.

Make it Rain

Once you have done all of that in your leadership paper and you have kept the scenario moving while building up to the climax or conclusion you have the reader right where you want them. Now all you have to do is to rain the stunning conclusion down on them. Make it insightful, funny or droll but whatever you do make it so that the reader leaves reading your paper glad that they did and not wondering why they just wasted that amount of time in their life reading cow manure. Be uplifting, be inspiring, be the writer that you always knew was buried somewhere inside of you. Let your leadership skills show through in the way that you write and conclude your paper. Leave the reader wanting more.

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