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How to Edit an Essay - 5 Amazing Prompts

It doesn't matter how well you prepare to write your essay, how well you choose the topic of that essay and how deeply you have researched material to place in your essay, unless you are good at editing you could well be doing yourself out of a higher score. Proofreading is a part of editing and editing is a vital component to the success of your essay writing.

Here are five amazing prompts to get you thinking the right way about editing your essay.

  • Look at essays which have received an outstanding score.
  • Leave your editing for a day or three.
  • Highlight each main point in your essay.
  • Is there anything new you added to your conclusion?
  • Use a spelling and grammar check device.

We can always learn from studying the work of others and particularly the work of others who are very good at what they do. It is easy to find essays online which have won rave reviews. Why are they so good? One of the reasons is because they have been superbly edited. The quality of editing will largely determine the quality of your essay writing. See what others who are successful have done and copy it.

Some people believe that you should never start to edit your essay until some amount of time has elapsed. This is because you've been working so hard on the essay for so long that you may not see any mistakes or areas to be corrected. Put your essay aside for a day or three. Come back to it when your mind is fresh.

Go through your essay and put a highlighter through each main point. Now ask yourself the question if each of those main points has been supported or substantiated with factual information. It's no good making a main point and leaving it there to hang out to dry. It needs to be backed up and it needs to be backed up with solid evidence.

Do not write a new point, major or minor, in your conclusion. The conclusion is simply a synopsis of what has gone before. In your editing always look for this mistake. If you have added new material in your conclusion, remove it altogether or add it to another paragraph.

While software devices are not infallible they can be useful. Use the spelling and grammar checks built into your software and always query the queries they raise.

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