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Constructing School Essay Papers Like A Professional Writer

So you are in school and have been asked to create an essay. It may be the topic which has you tricked or it may be the research because the subject is fairly obscure. Or it may be a complete lack of interest which you have in the topic. But all of these issues, though vitally important, do not take into account the actions or the behaviour of a professional writer. There a number of steps which a professional writer will always take in creating an essay. And you, as a school student, can take exactly the same steps and go close to producing a top quality essay. Here are those steps.

  • know the required format
  • know the essay structure
  • know the relevance of sticking to the topic
  • know the deadline and word count
  • know the rules of proof reading and editing

Now it's almost certain that there will be some sort of format required for the writing of your school essay. Your teacher will explain the format required. The first thing a professional writer will do before preparing to research and write the article, document or whatever, is to know what format in which it is to be presented. Get the format right.

Then too the structure. Again you should consult with your teacher to be sure of what is required in the first place but almost certainly it will be the conventional or traditional essay structure which is made up of three parts -- introduction, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion. Once you know the correct structure of your essay, you're well on the way to doing what a professional writer would do.

Now we could talk for ages about being creative as a writer and brainstorming ideas and creating an outline or a plan in so many other things which are there to help you write really well. But the one thing which separates the good essay writer from the really good ones is sticking to the topic. A professional writer, when given an assignment, takes notes on what is relevant. Then when they come to writing the material they rigidly stick to the topic.

A professional writer knows about deadlines and the word count. He or she knows that if their writing assignment has to be delivered by a certain date, it is disastrous to be late. Likewise, if they are asked to write 2000 words on the topic, then that is what they will produce. If you want to be like a professional writer then stick to the deadline and keep to the word count.

A professional writer will never present their work without having gone over it with a fine tooth comb to remove any spelling or grammatical errors and to edit it so as to remove vague writing and repetition. If you want to write like a professional, copy how they operate.

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