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How To Write My Research Paper: Suggestions From An Expert

A good research paper, irrespective of the particular field for which it is written, should intelligible. The facts, opinions and ideas presented in it should be comprehensible and should be interesting as a reading for the intended readers.

Any compelling research paper would follow the meticulous methodology of expression of the intended material as a strictly followed laboratory experiment. This article offers an insight into the process of writing a research paper. Here, you will find some simple guidelines that may assist you in treading the process with ease…

  • Step 1: Choose a particular area of study, and formulating an operational proposition
  • The first (and arguably the most important) step in the due process of academic writing is unquestionably choosing the topic on which you will work.

    Ideally, choose a theme that you have seen to be in operation in multiple texts, and answer the following questions:

    • What is the particular aspect about the scope of the text which could make it intriguing as a possible topic of your work?
    • What are the manner in which the reading of these texts will help you in developing a large, overall operation understanding of the issue?
    • What are the particular reasons because of which this is interesting?
    • How has it been expounded?
  • Step 2: Amass your sources
  • You should work to gather further knowledge about the scope of the topic in question.

    What else has been published in regards of the specific theme that interests you?

    In case of a dearth of pre-existing literature on the topic, you should look for any essays (argumentative, informative, analytical, et cetera) that may have been previously written by other authors

    Is this topic of interest to individuals from other fields of study than yours?

  • Step 3: Conduct a thorough research
  • Carefully read, consider and ponder the literature that you have gathered earlier on.

    Carefully assess alternative opinions gathered from your friends, family, and peers, supervisors et cetera as their input may help you in making your work more perspicuous.

  • Step 4: Create a blueprint of the work in your mind
  • Ideally, you should brainstorm and write own anything and everything that traverses your mind in the first go.

    Step by step, organize, and plan these ideas into a structured and presentable format

  • Step 5: Let the writing process begin
  • Once you have gathered all the required tools, you should get right onto the process of writing according to (and while following) your plan.

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