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What Is an Article Report and How Professional Write This Kind of Paper

Writing an article report is a special kind of assignment that has become more and more popular in both natural and social sciences. This work is written for the readers; they may be your supervisor, fellow students, or study group members. In other words, these people are familiar with the subject and can evaluate the ideas presented. It is your task to make the text informative and properly assess the information provided by the author of the reviewed article.

Professionals always keep the structure of the paper in mind by answering the following list of questions:

  • What are the article’s goals and objectives?
  • What theoretical methodology is used? Are there any new scientific approaches?
  • What is the main statement?
  • Are there any hypotheses?
  • What arguments are provided to substantiate the hypothesis?
  • Is there enough evidence to support the conclusion? Is it reliable?
  • What is the literature review’s quality?
  • Does the article advance the knowledge of the subject matter?
  • How appropriate is the author’s language and the overall impression?

After you have answered all the questions mentioned above, put down your short conclusion and finish the article report. More useful tips on how you can write a great report are provided below:

  • Keep these moments in mind.

    You should read the article carefully and learn its structure. It’s best to also analyze the title, abstract, and the introduction. Therefore, you can determine the research focus and main reasons for writing the paper. Then, skim the paper and study how the figures and tables support the text. Take notes on the ideas and facts you consider important, as well as those that seem biased and incorrect. Choose several points you want to discuss in your assignment. If you need some more ideas or counterarguments, it is recommended to read cited articles, other reviews, and alternative explanations and data.

  • Give more details about the article.

    First, mention the initial information found in the work. Then, provide a short summary with the main topics. It is sometimes better to compose a section-by-section review. The third structural element is the description of your evaluation, which discusses several main issues in the examined paper. However, do not forget to explain the author’s point of view first. The last section includes the summary and your thoughts about the author’s contribution.

  • Check your article report thoroughly.

    Make sure you use proper language and thoughts that are described clearly. Check how many issues are raised in the paper. It is common practice to focus on two or three main statements; do not overload the text.

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