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How To Start A Research Paper: Preparing Your Workplace

Writing a research paper can be a big task, and when you’re short on time, you can feel frustrated. Research papers are actually not that much work if you plan ahead and know how much time you have to work on it. When you’re first starting this paper and thinking about it, something you might not realize you need to pay attention to is your workplace. Where are you going to write the majority of this paper? Is it at school, or in your bedroom, or on a laptop you can take anywhere? Here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • No matter where you work, it needs to be free of clutter. Having random things and stacks of paper around you isn’t conducive to thinking and productivity. Either pick a different spot or clean up your spot.
  • Another thing to pay attention to is your materials. Always have your teacher’s instructions, any notes you’ve taken, paper and pen or a computer, and files you’ve already started working on, with you. When you have everything nearby, you don’t have to waste time looking for it or distract yourself from your workflow.
  • Preparing starts with your own preferences, too. Know yourself: do you work better in silence or with some quiet music? Do you want fresh air and a view, or something plain indoors with no distractions? Can you focus around other people, or do you need to be alone? Take all those into consideration when choosing your workplace.
  • What about your research? If you’re already done it, then make sure you have the books and/or websites at your fingertips while you’re working. If you haven’t started it yet or are in the middle of finding sources, you might want to make your workspace a table at the library or near a computer for internet searches.

Research Paper Writing

After you have the perfect spot for writing your paper, it’s time to get to work! Write your first draft quickly so that you have more time to edit and perfect it. As far as research goes, make sure you’re always following the guidelines from your teacher and using proper styles and formatting related to that. Make a checklist you can follow for each thing you’ll be graded on, and make sure you’ve done it in your final draft – that’s a tip to getting a good grade just by following directions.

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