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10 Vital essay writing ideas

Writing of essays can be a real challenge to most people. Unfortunately essays are something that no student can wish away as long as they are in school. When faced with the task of having to write an essay, many students would rather opt out. Many students would prefer to get someone else write the essay on their behalf. However there are times when it is not possible to get someone else to write the essay for them, maybe due to lack of funds or perhaps a student has decided to do the writing on their own. At such a time a student would need a few tips.

  • a. Whenever a person has to write an essay he or she should have a clear understanding of the question that is asked, and know when the assignment is due.

  • b. A person then sets the about researching and reading samples of similar essays. This would provide a better understanding of what is expected.
  • c. An easy way of handling an essay is by selecting a topic that is of interest to you. A prudent student would write about things that he or she is familiar with. This will ensure that the student never runs out of words to say or expressions to use. A student writing about their area of interest will have an easier time compared to one who is writing on a topic that they are not passionate about.
  • d. The student should ensure that he or she organizes their time effectively so that they are able to have enough time to write the essay. By planning and outlining the essay writing process a student is able to break down the process into manageable tasks. This might require a student setting aside time for research, outlining, drafting and revising the essay to make corrections.
  • e. After planning, the student should be disciplined and stick to the outline schedule throughout the writing process.
  • f. The student should then start drafting the essay. One should not be concerned too much about coming up with a perfect piece on the first draft.
  • g. A good idea is for the student to free write. This is letting the ideas to flow naturally without restraint. The student should however stick to the outline schedule.
  • h. After finishing the first draft the student should then start editing the essay. This would involve putting the ideas in an organized and smooth flowing order. It would also involve grouping of similar ideas together, cleaning up messed up and out of context texts and paragraphs and any other mistakes to come up with a final draft.
  • i. After writing of the final draft, the student should re read the essay to check and correct any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors that might be available.
  • j. If possible get someone else to also read the essay.

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