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Tips for practicing essay writing

Writing an essay is not a big deal if you have rehearsed enough. Practice makes a man perfect; this is cent per cent true. If you want to excel in anything just keep practicing it unless you master it. For getting better in writing it is important that you do it very often. Choose topics from anywhere and start writing about them. Read as much as you can as the more you read the better you write. Following will help you in writing better quality essays.

Keep reading while writing

This simple tip proves very helpful while you are writing long essays and term papers. Once you are done with the first paragraph, go back and read it. You will know how well you have written and if your view is clearly depicted in the paragraph you have finished. This will help you in knowing what points have you discussed and which ones are left so that you avoid repetition.


Reading through paragraphs also helps in linking them better.

Select the topic carefully

When you practice writing on different topics you automatically get to know what ideas you are comfortable in putting to words the best. While writing for an exam or official assignment try to choose that idea you have the best hold on. Do not try to stuff everything you know in a single essay. Try to stay precise and informative.

Use examples more than explanations

This might not seem logical to you but here is the reason why you should do so. During an exam a student is already under pressure and running short of time so it often gets difficult to analyze everything you have written. Examples are usually easier to write because they are life events, like stories that you can easily relate to. However explanations require strong sentence structure and you might end up writing long, cluttered and open-ended statements that do not give a clear message to the reader.

Be your own teacher

Always make sure to proof-read whatever you have written. Even if the topic was easy and you think you have written an excellent essay it is important to check what you have put down on paper. Humans are prone to errors so there is no harm in checking for yours. Sometimes there are typo errors and such mistakes that we would normally never commit but we do them in a hurry. It is always a good idea to proof-read your essay.

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