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Argumentative Essay on Recycling Writing Tips

The subject of recycling is something many environmentalist and everyday consumers have valid concerns about.  Many are passionate about this topic because of its positive effects it has on the world and local communities.  Yet, there are people who can care less about the concept of reusing materials to save money and the environment.  There are other concepts about recycling people seem to have a misunderstanding about or just can’t agree on it. 

When it comes to writing an argumentative essay on recycling, there are a few things to keep in mind that can make the creative writing and thinking process more insightful.  Depending on how you feel about the topic, that may give some hints as to how you want to get started.  Need more ideas? The following tips may help you look at recycling from another angle.

  • Thoroughly research the concept of recycling.  Understand what it consists of and ways the action is performed.  What materials are commonly recycled? What positive and negative effects does it have on the environment?
  • Try to ask different questions about recycling to create new insight.  Maybe there is something about it that doesn’t get talked about much and you think you may be able to write about it in an interesting way.
  • Review common questions asked about recycling but see if you can answer it with a different approach. Common questions asked may be related to procedures, processes or materials used in recycling.  Common questions often pose an argument about the topic.
  • Learn about issues of concern that people have conflicting opinions about.  Again, referring to the common questions point, what conflicts that seem to be ongoing problems people can’t agree on? Examples: Should recycling be enforced by cities to become a law?  Trees are made into paper but some feel cutting down trees is harmful to the environment.  What about factories that produce recycled products: Are they really doing their part to save the environment?  Why is recycling important?  Why do people decide not to recycle if it is so helpful?
  • Seek additional tips for how to write an argumentative essay.  This can include a variety of ideas to help your ideas stand out.  From helping you create an outline, narrowing down data from your research, how to choose good details to include and formatting tips. 
  • Seek unique research resources to get facts, evidence and different perspectives.  Visit a recycling plant or contact an environmental group to present your questions.

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