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5 Homework Tricks That Help

When homework comes around, most students run the other direction. This is a natural reaction, but nonetheless, homework needs to get done! To help students tackle their homework more effectively and quickly, here are five key working tips:

  1. Space it out. Sitting and doing homework for two straight hours is an absolute nightmare. Students that try to do all seventeen pages of their homework in one sitting are setting themselves up for failure. To achieve maximum success and constant focus, students should space out their homework lessons. Try doing some of your homework right after school; then, take a break, and return an hour or so later. Obviously, other scheduled activities will need to be taken into account. If you can space out your homework sessions, though, you’ll find that you become less exhausted and maintain more focus.

  2. Be fueled and focused. No one concentrates well when they’re starving for a snack. Make sure your essentials – food, water, and comfort – are taken care of before you begin working. This will decrease the likelihood of distractions and leave you more mental capacity to focus on the assignment at hand. Plus, nobody runs well on an empty tank!
  3. Rule out distractions. Some students can study with music or television turned on. Some students can’t work with those distractions. The trick is to find what distracts you, and cut it out of your homework time. If a younger sibling is bothering you, head to your room. If television is a problem, turn it off. The key is to limit the amount of distractions that will intrude on your homework time.
  4. Do the hard stuff first. Any students don’t like doing this, but it has shown to be an effective way of completing homework assignments. By getting the most difficult work pieces out of the way first, you end ever homework section on a high note (at least, higher than when you started). Plus, you won’t be up all night trying to take on some massive essay that’s got you down. Tackle the hard assignments first and get them out of the way; from then on, it’ll be more smooth sailing through the remainder of your homework.
  5. Make it fun. This can be a difficult thing to do, especially at the high school and college level, but it’s still possible. Try to make the homework session fun. Need to study for a test? Invite friends over and have a lightning quiz. Need to write an essay? Give yourself a reward every time you finish a paragraph. There are ways to make homework more enjoyable. Online sites have thousands of suggestions, or you could invent your own. Make it fun, and it won’t be such a teeth-puller to do homework.

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