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How to Write a Good Introduction Paragraph for an Essay

The introduction paragraph of your essay is the first thing that your reader will read and is there to get their attention and open the door to what your essay is about.  There are some dos and don’ts to writing your introduction and if you follow these, your introduction will stand out.

Why Do You Write An Introduction?

  • The introduction of your essay is the first impression that the reader gets from your writing.  This can make or break your essay because if you lose them in the beginning, they won’t be interested in the rest of your essay. 
  • Your introduction is the beginning of the information that the reader will learn from your essay.  This lets them know the topic, the importance of it and what you will be discussing in the rest of the essay.

How to Write a Good Introduction

  • One of the most effective ways to craft an introduction to your essay is to ask questions and answer them later on in the essay.  This gives the reader something to ponder, while they are reading your essay. 
  • You introduction should either be broad or specific to your topic.  Going broad could be a good choice because then you can narrow the topic in the body paragraphs but you can also go specific if you want to focus on one thing instead of multiple things. 
  • Wait until you have written the entire essay before you start on the introduction.  Doing this will help you craft your essay better because then you can write the introduction around the information in the essay.  This will keep you from repeating information and will make it easier to write.
  • If you write it first, remember that you can change it later.  That is the writing process, sometimes things will evolve in your writing and you have to go back and change the writing accordingly. 
  • Get straight to the point and be clear with your intent for the essay.  This can be done with a great first sentence that gets the reader’s attention and keeps their focus on the essay. 

How Not To Write Your Introduction

  • Don’t use vague sentences that don’t get to the point of the essay.  This is boring and will not grab the reader’s attention and will make them want to put the essay down and not read it.
  • Don’t use a dictionary definition in your introduction.  This is boring and lazy and you can do better than that.

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