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Political Corruption: Comparison of South Korea and the Philippines

Although corruption is a universal problem, today we often hear about corruption in developing countries. If western countries are more or less successful in their fight against corruption, Asian countries cannot boast of the same results. There are no doubts that corruption is a global issue and fight against it is a necessity, if people want to live in a stable and prosperous world. However, attitude and approach to this issue can be rather different. In terms of this paper we would like to discuss two Asian countries, South Korea and the Philippines. We will compare and contrast their experience in fight against corruption.

It is essential to mention that in terms of this paper, we will discuss political corruption. Although, corruption can exist in absolutely different life spheres, surveys show that the majority of people are convinced that the most corrupt sphere of life is policy. Members of political parties, parliamentarians and those who work in the sphere of police and other judiciary organizations do not call for faith of ordinary people.

Today, the Republic of Philippines is one of the most corrupt countries not only in Asia, but in the whole world. At present time the situation with corruption is extremely acute. Today, the Republic of Philippines is associated with crime, corruption and economic instability. Although several decades ago the Philippines was a powerful economic country, at present due to the corruption, it became an outsider of Asian world. The situation is extremely acute and the country undergoes a great crisis with perpetual corrupt scandals. Because of corruption, the Philippines became a country of poor economics, absence of freedoms and rights.

Although , just like in many other countries, corruption in the Philippines existed all the time, at present the situation is the most horrible. At the time when other countries understand the necessity to fight corruption, it continuous to grow and prosper in the Philippines.

Luckily, the situation with corruption differs in other countries. South Korea can serve as an interesting example of the fact that corruption can be eliminated. About a decade ago it was hard to imagine more corrupt country than South Korea. However, tremendous changes in political and finance regime allowed to pull the country out of the corrupt slough. Restriction of finance practices by political parties allowed to fight corruption in the country and today South Korea's experience is an inspiring example that corruption can be won.

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