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Tips For Creating A Research Paper On Domestic Violence

Unfortunately domestic violence is a widespread phenomenon in society today. There are no winners in domestic violence situations and the aftermath, sadly, can continue for many years. Finding an aspect of the topic to create a research paper on is not difficult. There are numerous studies available carried out by academics and organizations seeking to understand the cause and effect of domestic violence.

As with all subject choices, it is always wise to select a topic with which you have an affinity. It might be that you find all aspects of domestic violence repugnant but creating a research paper on the topic requires you to perhaps take an unusual or different angle on the topic. This could aid the score you receive for your work because you have not simply regurgitated the same line that thousands of other students have done before you.

Here are some basic aspects of the domestic violence subject you could consider for a research paper.

  • the history of domestic violence
  • the impact of domestic violence
  • the impact of domestic violence on children
  • finding the causes of domestic violence

Sadly domestic violence has been occurring in society for thousands of years. Being able to study examples of how this deplorable behaviour took place in previous generations and centuries could make for an interesting research paper topic.

Domestic violence definitely has a lingering impact on its victims. The perpetrators of domestic violence while mostly male, can also be female. One possibly interesting aspect to consider in creating a research paper would be to study the impact of domestic violence on the perpetrator. Obviously the impact on the victim is profound and often long-lasting. But it might be interesting to consider what happens to those who perpetuate domestic violence.

There are many studies which have looked at the impact of domestic violence on children. While the child may not suffer any physical abuse but rather that happens to one of their parents, the psychological damage to the child can be severe and long-lasting. This is an area with a great deal of research material for the creation of a research paper.

And finally a research paper on discovering the causes of domestic violence or at least the situations in which it is more likely to occur than not, can also be an area rich in research material for your writing.

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