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Is It Ethical To Buy Research Papers Online?

There is a growing trend among students of getting their papers written by other people or buying research and academic papers online. Despite the fact that the prices of these papers are fairly high, many students still buy them from online sources. It used to be that when an assignment was given, the teachers were sure that what they were getting from the students was their actual work. However, this is never the case today, what with all these online research paper markets. The truth is that many students are getting complacent, and even if they do not get caught the ethics of the exercise are questionable. Although there is a thin line, the following are some of the reasons why it is not completely ethical to buy papers from the web.

  1. It is plagiarism- plagiarism can be defined as the process of passing the thought or ideas of another person without proper acknowledgement. Buying a paper online can be defined as stealing the ideas of another person. Obviously the person submitting the paper cannot acknowledge that the work was not completely doe by them so that poses a problem.
  2. . It is a risk- today, there are advanced software that can check for plagiarism in any paper. if the paper was copied, then the chances of these software getting the student in trouble are very high. Plagiarism is a very serious offence in the academic environment, and many universities have strict guidelines for avoiding plagiarism.
  3. The papers are unreliable and there is no way of getting the value for your money. The internet is largely anonymous, and many times one does not contact the people selling them the papers directly. The papers they provide might not be up to standard, and there is no way that one can keep the sellers accountable.
  4. It is pricey- research into these transactions show that many times students buy papers at prices that one would consider higher than that the average student can afford. Despite all this, students still buy them because they are desperate. Spending such high amounts can be avoided by proper planning of work.
  5. Ripple effects- when the lecturer gives the assignments, they are meant to help the student learn. However, if they do not do it themselves, then they do not learn anything. They might graduate but it may seem counterproductive in the workplace or in business and life.

With proper planning and responsibility, students can avoid the added hassle and risk of having to buy papers online.

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